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Saturday Night Fish Fry

by Geffen
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Jordan Fry Signed Framed 11x14 Photo Display Charlie & Chocolate Factory

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Jordan Manufacturing Flange Pillow Set-Small Fry, Green/Blue Multi

Jordan Manufacturing Flange Pillow Set-Small Fry, Green/Blue Multi

by Jordan Manufacturing (Miscellaneous)

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Escanaba Daily Press

Hatchery plans multimillion-dollar project 02/04/17, via Escanaba Daily Press

Jordan Beck | Daily Press Fisheries Technician Matt Bach transfers Chinook salmon fry to the Thompson State Fish Hatchery's indoor fish tanks. The hatchery was awarded $10.2 million in project funding in the DNR's budget for 2017, which they will use

Taylor hits late winner for Town 01/24/17, via Morpeth Herald

Mark Davison responded for the visitors four minutes later when he headed Jordan Fry's cross past 'keeper Tom Flynn. Morpeth controlled the second-half and were rewarded on 78 minutes when Taylor curled into the top corner. Whitley Bay took the lead 

Jordan Fry and Gabby Mack: "I Hate Cats"

A Revive Entertainment comedy. Staring: Jordan Fry (Mike TV "Charlie and Chocolate factory" Lewis "Meet the Robinsons" ) & Gabby Mack Written and Directed.


The Tim Burton Encyclopedia

The Tim Burton Encyclopedia

Published by Rowman & Littlefield 2015

ISBN 9780810892019,0810892014
298 pages

Tim Burton is one of the most inventive filmmakers in the world. From his early work as an animator for Disney studios to his distinctive takes on iconic characters like Batman and Alice in Wonderland, Burton’s skewed vision of the world has informed all of his films. Imbuing his films with a comically dark tone, Burton provides a twisted slant on conventional storytelling. In The Tim Burton Encyclopedia, Samuel J. Umland looks at all aspects of this idiosyncratic storyteller’s films, which frequently display childlike wonder and a macabre humor. Entries in this volume focus on Burton’s artistic inspirations as well as creative personnel behind the camera, including writers, cinematographers, costume designers, art directors, and other collaborators, notably his frequent composer Danny...

More Than a Little Messy

I've always had a pretty healthy self-esteem. My parents used to joke that I was my own best friend (although I'm pretty sure they were mostly serious and not actually joking). I've kind of always marched to the beat of my own drum, sometimes to my detriment. and probably needless to say, I'm pretty quirky. There have been a few people in my past who have gotten tired of who I am. Because, as I have heard, "quirks are only endearing for so long. And let me tell you - I have a lot of them. I don't purchase anything white. I break things. Usually meaningless things, but occasionally the priceless heirloom. I lose things all the time. The number of headphones I've purchased or house keys made. I laugh at things that no one else thinks are funny (and honestly, things that weren't meant to be). I'm incredibly clumsy. There doesn't have to be music. I quote movies. a lot of movies. I pretty much have no original thoughts. I cry a lot. Happy, sad - it doesn't matter. I create food combinations like a pregnant woman. I arrange my food and ketchup each individual fry. I wear what I like, even if everyone else secretly (or not so secretly) thinks it's hideous. I hug everyone. Whether or not I know them. And that's okay - I've always been this way, and frankly, I'm not ashamed of who I am. I like who I am, and I'm happy. Which means every now and then, Satan reminds me that I'm not like everyone else. Every once in a while, the thought crosses my mind that maybe I should act more like the people around me. try a little more to fit in. I get frustrated with myself, wishing I could keep myself together. Every date that doesn't work out, every eye rolled in my direction - there's a hateful little voice in the back of my head, suggesting that "perhaps, if you weren't such a weirdo, he would actually like you back. Everyone wants to be loved for who they are, not in spite of who they are. One of the best guys I know, my brother-in-law, told my sister that he wanted me to find a man who loved me for my quirks. who loved me, simply for being me. The truth is, though, I've already found Him. Christ made us in His own image. He knows our quirks because He created them. Let me say that again - He created them. I was reading a parenting article (yes, as a single non-parent) the other day, and heard children described as, "God's creative miracles, uniquely designed with His intentionality. " It completely stunned me. What an incredible depiction of how our Lord views us. It was a beautiful reminder that I don't need to become something I'm not in order to fit in. Because to Jesus, I'm just right - "always enough and never too much. " * We don't have to defend ourselves to Him because He doesn't what others think. So on hard days of feeling like a weirdo, when someone reminds me that I'm not like everyone else, and when I'm tempted to conform to fit in, I am reminded to be who I am created to be. And in case you're wondering. God doesn't make mistakes. I will continue living life as God made me - " bold, bright, beautiful, and maybe a little messy. * quotes from SoulScripts by Jordan Lee

Source: Little Love
Jordan Manufacturing Deluxe Cushions - Unpretentious Fry , Blue/Green Multi
Boscov's Jordan Manufacturing

The Jordan Manufacturing set of 2 patio deluxe ensconce cushions featuring matching ties and a hanger loop will add class to any seating arrangement. 100% Polyester. Spot pure. Dimensions: 4H x 16W x 19D.

$46.99 $93.99


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  3. Louis Jordan - Saturday Night Fish Fry - YouTube One of my favorite songs recorded by Louis Jordan. I picked up a copy of this recording from a friend who has literally 1,000's of unreleased versions of ...
DJ Earworm
DJ Earworm
DJ Earworm, master of music mashups A publicity picture I found of my friend DJEarworm, made up similarly to Annie Lennox during her "racoon" period. I combined the portrait with a processed digital photograph I took of a black and white plate at a Fry's food store. This somewhat embarrassing piece of "fan artwork" was the result of some experimenting with Photoshop blend modes. Be sure to check out his latest amazing mashup here: DJ Earworm 2012
Photo by qthomasbower on Flickr
Fries (lock screen)
Fries (lock screen)
Photo by Brett Jordan on Flickr
Button it
Button it
Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami, USA Chief Creative Officer: Alex Bogusky Creative Director: Rob Reilly Associate Creative Director: Evan Fry Copywriters: Evan Fry, Bob Cianfrone Art Director: John Parker Photographer: Bruce Peterson
Photo by Brett Jordan on Flickr
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