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Lessons Lettered From My Friendship With Octavia Butler

by Amargi Publishing House
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Imagine The Universe Lining Up And Creating A Miraculous Way For Contact To Be Made With One Of The Greatest And Most Reclusive Writers On The Planet. Imagine The Gems Discovered When That Writer Decided To Open The Door To Her Life And Allow You To Enter. Imagine Becoming Good Friends With That Writer. Imagine Being Blessed With The Opportunity To Learn About Life, Friendship, Writing And Death From That Writer. Imagine The Horror Experienced After Suffering A Traumatic Event Involving The Writer. Imagine The Joy Experienced When Healed From The Trauma And How This Author Was Able To Remember The Beautiful Friendship With Octavia E. Butler. This Was A Reality For Author Jacqueline D. Harris And We Are Grateful She Choose To Share This Journey With The Reader.

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Greenwich Time

Norwalk girls basketball team tops Greenwich - GreenwichTime 01/27/17, via Greenwich Time

Strong rebounding on both ends of the court, a solid defensive effort and poise offensively down the stretch, enabled the Bears to beat another opponent that 

El Dorado News-Times

OTIS R. SCOTT 01/26/17, via El Dorado News-Times

Left to cherish his memories are his wife, Elder Clara Wade Scott; two daughters, Angela Rhodes and Jacqueline Harris; eight siblings, Annie Louise LeVert of Pontiac, Mich., Sammie Jean Pierce of Pensacola, Fla., Jennette Artelia Scott of El Dorado, 


Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle Cell Disease

Published by Twenty-First Century Books 2001

ISBN 0761314598,9780761314592
96 pages

Examines the history of this inherited disease that affects African Americans and reviews possible future cures.

The Art of Spinning the News and Revising History

Back in the Sixties, our teachers used to spin this revisionist tale of how our first president, George Washington, really died. His sore throat was not what was commonly called “putrid throat” – it was syphilis (a symptom of which is a throat virus). The revisionists couldn’t pin any love children on Washington. Washington was apparently unable to produce children. That was not true of his wife, Martha, a young widow with small children when he met and married her. So the Liberals had to settle for death by syphilis, instead. The Liberals delighted in the candor of Benjamin Franklin’s dirty old man persona. Franklin himself delighted in it right into his old age. Washington wrote of it when he took over the Continental Army in 1775. Washington was nothing, if not fastidious. He died of a sore throat. Washington’s doctors drew some much blood, however, that it left him too weak to recover from an otherwise non-fatal malady. The spinmeisters had a much better time with Pres. Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence. They gloat that he had a lifelong affair with his slave, Sally Hemmings. Although docents at Jefferson’s Monticello estate claim that it was more likely his brother, Randolph, a few facts do support the Liberal claims. Sally Hemmings was born to one of Martha Skales Jefferson’s father’s slaves. Sally and Martha were about the same age. “Rumors” suggest that Martha herself was the off-spring of a slave, possibly the same slave as Sally. Sally, it turns out, was white. She looked so much like Martha, Jefferson’s late and much beloved wife that the theory is that if Jefferson took her as a concubine, it was because of her resemblance to Martha. The Democrat Spin has slimed every Republican candidate since Richard Nixon challenged John F. Kennedy for the presidency in 1962. Sliming, in fact, has been a pastime of the press since American politics began. But here we are in the 20 Century and the Clintons have raised (or lowered, as it were) spin to new depths of muck, smearing the opposition, charging them with false or unprovable accusations, courting the upper echelons of the corporate media... Franklin D. Roosevelt used to take the press on picnics. Today, the media environment is much more competitive, with the 24/7 news cycle. Reporters on deadline are pressured to get the “big story” or “scoop” before their competitors do. If they miss the scoop, they can be sure to hear from their editors and the company management. During Bill Clinton’s presidency, according to Spin Cycle: How the White House and the Media Manipulate the News , by Howard Kurtz (Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, 1998), Mike McCurry, Bill Clinton’s White House Spokesman, broke the Media down into... The ideal message bearers were the big television and cable networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN. The networks were chosen as the bearers of the worst news because any story only had about two minutes (at most) to deliver the bad news. A news item like Travelgate, for instance, got the minimum of coverage and then it was on to the next story. Even if the story went on for months, that was good news for the White House because they knew viewers would soon get bored with the story and decide it was no big deal after all, or just politics as usual. The big newspapers – the New York Times , the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal – had more aggressive reporters, but the owners and publishers of the papers were on board with the Democrats and the President. What’s more, the Times and the Post could count on a loyal, limited, Liberal readership. Their articles were much too long for the average reader whose time was limited by work and family responsibilities. The Times printed all the news that was fit to print. But the average reader didn’t have time to read it all (my father did, much to my mother’s frustration). Other large cities had spreadsheet newspapers, like the Los Angeles Times , to service the Liberals in those cities.

Source: Belle of Liberty's Blog
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Ottawa and Area Registered Runners (Running Room) 2011
Ottawa and Area Registered Runners (Running Room) 2011
PAGE 1 of 2 See also: a) 2010 Army Run results for Ottawa & area runners; b) 2011 Army Run results; c) 2011 Army Run photos by a runner. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . Sept. 14, 2011. For the 21.1 km (13 mile) half-marathon race, the following local runners have registered with the Running Room for the Sept. 18th Canada Army Run in Ottawa. The list is sorted by community (Ottawa first) and then by first name. * On Sept. 18th, 16,000 runners participated in the 21.1 km and 5 km races. Part A. Ottawa Part B. Other Communities (e.g., Gatineau, Kanata, Nepean, Orleans) A. Ottawa 1,….Adriana Zeleney 2,….Adrien Barrieau 3,….Adrienne Mertin 4,….Ajay Singh 5,….Al Okroy 6,….Al Stewart 7,….Alain Therriault 8,….Alain Vermette 9,….Alan Chaffe 10,….Alan Chan 11,….Alan Yeadon 12,….Alex Renwick 13,….Alex Turner 14,….Alexandra Averbeck 15,….Alice Kwong 16,….Alicia Chénier 17,….Alison McCray 18,….Alla Laporte 19,….Allan Crisford 20,….Allan...
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Johnny Harris & Me
Johnny Harris & Me
- photo © jacqueline bednall 2010
Photo by Paul R Bednall on Flickr
Jill Beasley Among 120 Debs Honored by the Los Angeles' Links - Jet Magazine, January 16, 1964
Jill Beasley Among 120 Debs Honored by the Los Angeles' Links - Jet Magazine, January 16, 1964
Click the three dots button below and to the right and then click "all sizes" to read an article or to see the image clearly. I thought others might appreciate these tidbits of forgotten history of People of Color. Please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts or impressions. I look forward to reading them!
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