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Sarah Vaughan and Miles Davis at the Howard Theatre, Washington D.C. Art Print by Dennis Loren 17 x 24in

by Bruce Teleky
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  • Title: Sarah Vaughan & Miles Davis: Jazz at the Howard

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Fine art poster print

Financing Sport, Second Edition (Sport Management Library)

by Fitness Information Technology
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The contemporary sport manager must be an entrepreneur who uses marketing and financing skills to yield optimum social and economic benefits. Financing Sport Second Edition provides the most in-depth exploration of traditional and innovative revenue acquisition methods for sport organisations. The first edition of this groundbreaking text published in 1995 has been adopted in universities throughout the world and has been translated into Chinese and Japanese. Rather than simply updating sections of various chapters -- common to most new editions -- the authors approached each chapter as though writing the book for the first time. The business of sport is fast paced and ever changing. The content of the Second Edition captures the many new and creative ideas managers in sport organisations have implemented in response to their dynamic work environment. The second edition also maintains its original focus on conventional income sources available to sport organisations including ticket sales premium seating options concessions and the sale and execution of corporate sponsorships. The book maintains a strong practical orientation. Numerous vignettes or mini-cases drawn from actual practice are interspersed throughout the book. Students enjoy knowing how capital financing and revenue acquisition practices are actually being used by sport organisations; therefore the authors include numerous real-world examples to illustrate many of the best practices employed by sport managers. This 'nuts and bolts' treatment allows readers to confidently transfer the methods to effective practice.

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Petoskey News-Review

UPDATED: Fire out at Barrel Back, was confined to ventilation system 01/31/17, via Petoskey News-Review

"Barrel Back Restaurant continues to be thankful for all those involved in today's events. The swift efforts of the community and staff avoided a much more 

The Big Lead

VIDEO: Dwight Howard Tells Olivia Harlan About Good D While Dennis Schroder Loses It 01/26/17, via The Big Lead

The Atlanta Hawks beat the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night, 119-114, thanks to a 41-point 4th quarter. While Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade were left calling out their teammates for a lack of heart and effort after the game, the Hawks were in much more 


Medieval Listening and Reading

Medieval Listening and Reading

Published by Cambridge University Press 1994

ISBN 0521444934,9780521444934
483 pages

This study brings recent scholarly debates on oral cultures and literate societies to bear on the earliest recorded literature in German (800-1300). It considers the criteria for assessing what works were destined for listeners, what examples anticipated readers, and how for both modes of reception could apply to one work, exploring the possible interplay between them. The opening chapters review previous scholarship and the introduction of writing into preliterate Germany. The core of the book presents lexical and non-lexical evidence for the different modes of reception, taken from the whole spectrum of genres, from dance songs to liturgy, from drama and heroic literature to the court narrative and lyric poetry. The social contexts of reception and the physical process of reading...

Of Anthropoid Bondage Poster Movie Spanish 11 x 17 In - 28cm x 44cm Bette Davis Leslie Howard Frances Dee Reginald Owen Reginald Denny Alan In good

Home & Outdoor

1934 Of Hominoid Bondage Reproduction Poster Print Spanish Style A - Approximate Size 11 x 17 Inches -28cm x 44cm



  1. Photographs of Vietnam by Howard Dennis Johnson Photographs taken by Howard Dennis Johnson while serving in Southeast Asia with the Army Security Agency.
  2. Howard Marks - Wikipedia Dennis Howard Marks (13 August 1945 – 10 April 2016) was a Welsh drug smuggler and author who achieved notoriety as an international cannabis smuggler through high ...
  3. Dennis Howard - Wikipedia Dennis Howard; Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture; In office 1995–2003: Governor: Frank Keating: Preceded by: Gary Sherrer: Succeeded by: Terry Peach: Oklahoma ...
In memory of these 454 British Forces personnel,  including Ministry of Defence civilians, who gave of their lives in service in Afghanistan 2001 -2014
In memory of these 454 British Forces personnel, including Ministry of Defence civilians, who gave of their lives in service in Afghanistan 2001 -2014
In memory of the 454 British Forces personnel, including Ministry of Defence civilians, who gave of their lives in service in Afghanistan 2001 -2014. The vast majority of fatalities took place with the deployment of British forces to the Taliban stronghold of Helmand province (prior to deployment in this area only five men died between April 2002 and early March 2006). To see the original size of the image, select from the down-arrow menu at the bottom left of the image field. Added is Lance Corporal Michael Campbell of the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Welsh, died on 23 July 2015 of wounds sustained in Afghanistan in April, 2012. ---------- Text below (edited to reflect end of the mission) from UK forces [were] deployed to Afghanistan [2001-2014] in support of the UN-authorised, NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission and as part of the US-led Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). [Beginning] 2003 UK...
Photo by The Happy Rower on Flickr
Ron Howard
Ron Howard
Cinémathèque Française...Ron Howard incognito sortant de l'exposition consacrée à Dennis Hopper. Ne voulant pas le déranger, je lui ai juste demandé une petite pose qu'il a très gentiment accepté avec le sourire !
Photo by startinghere71 on Flickr
Dennis Howard (35 years)
Dennis Howard (35 years)
Dennis Howard Pesticide Regulation Unit (chief) 35 years of service with Deputy Secretary Mary Ellen Setting and Assistant Secretary Carol Holko
Photo by MdAgDept on Flickr
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