Who Sang The Country Song Blue?

Who did sing the Country song Blue? Most people would answer Patsy Cline because it sounds so much like Patsy. The correct answer is actually LeAnn Rimes who released the song as her first single in 1996 at the age of 13.

The song Blue was written in the early 1960s by the famous disc jockey Bill Mack. The story goes that Mack wrote the song with the intention of Patsy Cline to record it. However, Patsy Cline lost her life in a plane crash in 1962 before she could record the song Blue. So, even though you will find videos with tributes to Patsy with the song in the background, it is actually a young LeAnn Rimes whose voice you are hearing.

Patsy Cline had a very unique sound and had many hit songs in her short career. Many of the songs that she recorded did have the word “blue” as a part of the lyrics. You can read and hear a compilation of those songs in the article that I wrote some time ago….Patsy Cline Sings Blue. I even included a video that shows clips of Patsy with LeAnn singing the song.

The next time you hear the now famous Country song Blue and someone says, “Oh I just love that old Patsy Cline song”. You can let them know that even though Patsy was supposed to sing the song, she never recorded the song. Little LeAnn Rimes at age 13 did. She was able to catch the spirit and sound of Patsy that is for certain.

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